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How to Grill and Glam Away At the Same Time

September 28, 2015

Barbecue nights are the most fun-filled occasions to look forward to. The food indulgence along with the quality time spending with your friends is reason enough to bring smile to anyone’s face. While planning for such an event the only thing we can’t compromise on is the way we look.
It goes without saying that bar-b-q night with friends and family is a casual hangout and you need to dress casually enough to keep up the fun element while dressy enough not to look as if you’re homeless. Don’t forget, there will be work involved and there is always a risk that you will end up getting a few smoke stains over your beloved attire. So opt for a look that is practical and chic at the same time.
Following is a complete guide on how to dress up for a casual barbecue night.

Naughty Neon
Neon is this season’s favourite pick. Being overtly bright, neons will help you stand out in the crowd. However, take your time deciding on the perfect shade which best complements you. You can couple your neon attire with matching neon footwear and a head band for a defined, edgy look.

Cropped Top with a Skirt
A short or a knee length skirt is a good choice for a barbecue night. Pair your skirt up with your favourite crop top and you are ready to make the heads turn.

Denim Shorts
Denim goes well with almost every occasion. The best part about wearing Denim shorts is that it will give you absolute comfort along with an unbeatable style and sensuality. You can complement your shorts with a gorgeous top, some elegant jewlery and open toe sandals to look remarkable with an effortless style.

Lace Shorts
Another style pick that goes well with the barbecue night theme is a pair of lace shorts. It will help you highlight your fashion sense without compromising on your comfort.

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