Shoe Madness

September 28, 2015

A girl can never have enough shoes ! And I know you all agree with me.

If you want to make a girl happy, buy her a shoe… there are so many fun but true quotes and saying connecting women and shoes. Yes, we are all a bit mad when we buy shoes, but who could resist them. They make you look taller, they correct your posture , and your booty looks better if you wear a perfect high heel.

Even if we sometimes go overboard with color or glitter on our heels, there are some types of shoes you have to have in your closet.

Black Pumps- at least 5 pairs ! I’m kidding, but those shoes you have to have in your life. You can wear them to the office or for going out… and you can style them with almost everything. Jeans or skirt, you will always look polished and beautiful.

Strapy Sandals- perfect summer shoes if you ask me. Every girl can look both sweet and sexy wearing strapy sandals, even if the heel isn’t too high. Also, sandals can look great with any dress, mini or maxi. This spring play with both colors and heel sizes, and I promise, you will make a statement.

Flat shoes- even if you don’t like high heels, I have a solution for you. With cute flats like loafers or espadrilles, you can look and feel great. Go for a pointy tip if you are going for chic version, and round one if you are a casual type. My style advice is shiny leather. Imagine some gorgeous fitted trousers, simple white blouse and some shiny leather flats… yes, I know !

Leather ankle boots – shoes for the entire year, It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, ankle boots are never a bad idea. For summer pair them with flowery dress, and in winter, style them with boyfriend jeans or with knitted dresses. For color, stick to simple black or brown.

Now, after reading this, you know that there are so many must have types of shoes, so next time, you will think twice, when you call us ‘shoe crazy’ !

4 thoughts on “Shoe Madness”

  • Oh, I agree with others, love your style, girl!

    • Don’t you just hate it when people comment with lorem ipsum?

  • Oh, I really love your shoe collection! This will inspire me for a while now …

  • Chiara

    Thanx for all the comments, guys!

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