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The Best Ski Outfits for Winter 2016

September 28, 2015

Ski outfits are the best thing to look forward to when planning ski holidays. However, the freezing, frigid winters as for in-vogue as well as intelligent shopping to keep yourself comfortable yet look amazing while having fun. This article is all about how to select the perfect ski-wear outfit for ski holidays this winter.
Shearling Coats
Nothing beats a chic yet functional shearling coat. Go for a superb quality, high-end piece as it is a one-time investment and you can repeatedly use the staple for a number of forthcoming winters. Pair your time-less shearling coat with joggers or over the knee boots and you are all set to beat the chill with allure and elegance.


Cashmere Turtleneck
Cashmere turtlenecks are simply timeless and they can serve the dual purpose of being warm and stylish at the same time. You can couple it with long boots and large goggles to glam away.

Ski Socks, helmet and Gloves
Skiing is incomplete without a perfect pair of ski gloves and socks. Keep in mind, your socks and gloves should be fitting and the fabric should be light enough to prevent sweating. Don’t forget to buy a water-resistant pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. A good quality ski helmet will protect you against injuries while adding definition to your ski style at the same time.

Things to Remember
– Functionality is the foremost.
– Don’t forget the onion-skin principle while dressing up for skiing, which means adding multiple layers of clothing to ensure enough warmth and protection.
– Thermal underwear is the basic part of an ideal ski wear.
– Look for the fabrics that are water and wind proof.
– Keep in mind, the whole set of ski wear essentials is expensive so invest in multifunctional outfits.

From furs to leather and ski-suits to insulated Tees, we have witnessed them all on this year’s runways. Be creative and plan a perfect match of comfort and charm for this year’s skiing adventure. Happy Skiing!

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