Scent of Spring

February 21, 2016

Spring is in the air, and you can smell it! Flowers are blooming and the air is fresh, so be the change, and start the year by replacing your winter fragrance with a new one, a spring one!

There are so many spring flowers that both look amazing and smell amazing. Scent can easily bring you back in time, and make you think of some old memory or a person. So try to find your new amazing scent this season, and create new memories. I will suggest you some of my favorite flowers and popular perfumes you can wear not only in spring, but the whole year round.

Roses are most popular flower in the world … and for a reason. They smell amazing, look nice, and they also symbolize love. You can find so many different perfumes with rose scent, but my favorite ones are Roses De Chloe, such a sweet and feminine scent that can easily make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. And my second choice had to be Givenchy Very Irresistible. Created for strong and sexy women, and the scent will last you all day.



Lily of the Valley has been my favorite flower ever. I love how simple and delicate this flower is and how fresh it smells. You can find it nearly everywhere, and just with a small bouquet , your entire room will smell so strong. This flower is often used in making perfumes because of it’s sweet scent. Diorissimo by Dior is a perfect example. Fresh, romantic and green, sping in the bottle.

Jasmine flowers are known for their sweet and strong fragrance. They bloom in spring and summer, and you can find them in tropical parts of the world. Although they are often used in aromatherapy and for making tea, you can find so many great perfumes with this plant as a main ingredient. J’adore by Christian Dior is such a classic in the fragnance industry. Light and elegant scent with pure jasmine. I think evey woman shold have this perfume in her collection.


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