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February 22, 2016

We hear this sentence almost every season, because black never goes out of style. If you don’t know what to wear and you want to play safe, go black, and you will never go wrong. Black dress, black suit or black shoes.. we all have them, and we all need to wear them.

Black clothing has a really long history in the fashion. From ”Little Black Dress” to music inspired fashion like grunge, it has always been present in the industry. Also, you can find so many fashion tips on wearing black if you want to look slimmer, or to wear black if you are not feeling well. I don’t agree with the last one ! I love to wear black to feel more powerful and to look more elegant than usual. All Black everything is an easy way to style yourself and to look chic without trying. It is also a first thing that comes in my mind when I think of the New York Streetstyle.

Black dominated the runway last month. Alexander McQueen shows his goth inspired collection for Fall 2016, and Calvin Klein presented his rocker girl staples like mini dresses, double breasted coats and black loafers. Valentino and Gucci included the black color in their military trend jackets and coats. Every single show had some really beautiful black pieces in their collection.

Head to toe black can be really flattering and you can wear it on any occasion, from brunch with the girls, all the way to office dress code.. Try to play with different textures and shapes. Pair a really nice black jacket with some quirky trousers and you will instantly elevate your look… from boring, to the really cool and chic black look.

My only advice is to put some more jewelry if you still want to look elegant, feminine and sexy. Pick tailored clothing garments, simple black heels and great bag that will match, and I promise, you will have some gorgeous pieces that will last you forever!

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