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Born in Trieste in 1987, Italy and has lived in many Europe’s and America’s cities, Adriana is a fashion designer, photographer and blogger. Keen on natural beauty and minimalistic fashion, she graduated from Venice School of Design. Her blog is a true delight for the fashion freaks.
Adriana has hopped the plane quite frequently to capture the cultural variety of different countries. Having travelled to India, London, Paris and Spain and explored their cultures and fashions, she has an eye for diversity and employs the same principle when it comes to fashion designing and blogging. Her photography is not strictly limited to fashion and clothing and she has captured almost everything from food to street folk. She likes attending all the major fashion events including the NYFW and PFW to capture the extravaganza of colors and styles.

Inspired from the traditions from around the globe, she launched her blog in 2007, aspiring it to be a haven for the fashion addicts who want to stay updated on all the latest fashion trends and ideas. She is one of the most sought after fashion bloggers today.

Adriana is a true fashion enthusiast and always urges women to follow their instincts and to wear what pleases them rather than what pleases others. She is quite passionate about shoes and accessories. Her blogs emphasize the importance of wearing the right kind of shoes and accessories with the right outfits.
What makes Adriana’s blog stand out is her practicality. Her fashion styles are so implementable that they can walk right into every woman’s closet. She is particularly ardent about street style fashion and multipurpose outfits which can be transformed to suit every occasion with minimal efforts.

Adriana’s blog speaks volumes about her taste for loud colours and out of the box fashion ideas. They are a true reflection of her personal style statement and personality. Today, Adriana has become one of the most influential fashion bloggers ever.



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