My Fashion Philosophy

Welcome to my blog! Fashion, in my opinion, is an amalgam of all that’s second nature to man- art, culture, music, literature, food and people themselves. I find inspirations in natural things and originality; people in their honest moments, the delight of putting on a new dress, the unbridled joy of pursuing one’s passion, the moment of savouring the exotic tastes; the human race never ceases to amaze me with its limitless potentials and passions.

Having moved to the Big Apple at the tender age of 7, I was always mesmerized by the city. To me, NYC is like a long-legged, alluring woman. She is energetic; she is lively and enthusiastic; she is seductive; she is a style diva. The city has its own personality that engulfs you in a kaleidoscope of colours and restless energy.


Roaming the streets of the city always filled me with a passion to capture the city in its true spirit and I have always wanted to personify it. This is what gave me the inspiration for photography. I never went to school to learn photography but I schooled myself, experimenting on my own. Before long, I was capturing the endlessly flowing streets, the nature (Central Park is my favourite place in the whole city) and the bizarre street fashion which was as unique as NYC itself.
Not so long afterwards, the fashion I clicked stirred my passion for fashion itself and I found myself playing with fabrics, patterns and designs. I have always been attracted to bold, loud and stark colours. Abstract patterns have always tickled my imagination. I joined the New York School of Design to study the technical aspects of fashion designing, indulging in the pleasure of experimenting with styles.

Being fond of travelling, I call myself a globe trotter and often combine work with pleasure. My trip to India was one of the best experiences ever. The rich cultural heritage, the delectable and spicy foods, the exceptionally vivid clothing styles, their booming fashion industry, the bustling city life and natural beauty gave me plenty of inspirations which I incorporated in the dresses I styled afterwards.

Paris was another world altogether. From the trips down the corridors of Louvre watching the art masters’ works in their full glory to long walks along the bank of sienna, from the heights of the Eiffel to the romance laden air of the city, Paris was an experience of a lifetime. From Paris, I took the inspiration for vintage photography and fashion.

London, I found, was not as dreary as they say but rather conservative in terms of fashion. The Spanish, in my opinion, expressed themselves passionately in the form of blooming colors. Having a splendid and opulent culture, the visits to Madrid and Barcelona were an exceptionally amazing experience for me.


I have always kept a journal with me which has been my companion over the years. It became my escape where I jotted down everything from random ranting to fashion ideas to travel experiences and observations. After a while, it became inevitable that I turn to fashion blogging and share my experiences with the rest of the world. My blog is now a part of who I am. It is a place where I can express myself, my inspirations, my ideas, my passions and my obsessions.

When it comes to fashion, my top pick is comfort and luxury. I always try to focus on high end, out of the box styles. Often, I walk into my closet to find it brimming with clothes and yet thinking “what do I wear today?” which is a dilemma nearly every woman has to face and I try to meet the realistic expectations of women in my fashion blogs. I believe in styling up within a budget and most of my fashion blogs are all about how to flaunt your own signature looks without making a big hole in your pocket. I love experimenting with styles to make an outfit wearable in infinite ways.

The glass is always half full, is my mantra for living life. Stay optimistic. Look out for your loved ones and above all, yourself. Don’t forget to put on bold lipstick, saunter away like a model and to follow my blog.