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Girl Don't Cry

Girl, don’t cry

Sometimes the situation is not that simple. You just can’t say who’s fault is it, and why exactly it is so, sometimes things just aren’t what they seem like. Lorem ipsum maybe? Yes please, such and much! In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Vivamus consequat felis neque, sit amet commodo lectus gravida vitae. Nulla varius lorem […]

Happy Times

Happy Times

Sometimes I’d just like to hug the world, you know? That feeling when you wake up and you’re enthusiastic to start your day, about making your breakfast, lunch, going out for a cup of coffee, and everything feel just fine. Donec consectetur aliquet iaculis. Suspendisse imperdiet accumsan viverra. Praesent vel ultrices ligula, eget posuere urna. Aliquam […]


Getting Ready

You know the situation, when you have to get ready really quickly? You’re super busy and you were postponing preparing stuff for hours and hours! Nulla ac orci fermentum, euismod turpis et, porttitor turpis. Fusce facilisis ullamcorper tellus eu accumsan. Pellentesque egestas lacinia turpis, quis pharetra sem luctus in. Morbi quis odio et ex vehicula gravida […]

The Wall

Riders of The Wall

You know, when life sometimes just won’t stop serving you all the lemons and similar citrus-based life situations? That’s exactly the situation that got me on the top of this wall. Phasellus volutpat neque vitae lorem vehicula, nec fringilla neque consequat. Sed vel dolor vel justo sollicitudin egestas et nec lacus. Etiam lectus quam, tristique […]


The Fruit

If your life represents a single fruit – which one would it be? Mine sure it would be a watermelon, because it’s so red on the inside and fruity as hell! Just like me  Nam ac turpis nibh. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vestibulum ornare erat sit […]

Wanted Man

Wanted Men

There has been too many conversations about wanted type of men in our lifes, what are those qualities that trigger us in opposing gender. What kind of men do we actually want? Well, for sure that kind who knows how to bring Lorem to the Ipsum. Hell yeah. Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent […]